Build Process

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 12.46.20 PMThe Build Process begins with an idea.  Your idea.  A custom bolt action rifle is custom only to you, so every detail needs to be thought out carefully.  The purpose, style, and feel of the rifle are all things that must be considered when planning a build.  This is when the caliber, barrel length, and stock are selected.  After this, the fine details such as bolt options, trigger, magazines, finish, and sighting systems are sorted out.   Before any work begins, every aspect of your custom bolt action rifle has been selected by you, the shooter, to meet whatever your needs may be.  During this time, I am here to answer any questions and make recommendations based off my experiences.

The Build Begins
After planning is complete and a down payment of 50% has been received, the parts for your custom bolt-action rifle are ordered.  The lead-time varies based on the availability of parts.  A typical lead-time is approximately 3-6 months.   Once all of the parts arrive, machining can begin.

The following slide show is to give you an idea of what exactly goes into building a custom bolt-action rifle. It is not meant to be an instructional presentation for the at home do-it-yourselfers. There may be any number of ways to achieve the same goal, this is simply my way, I believe this to be the best way to assure accuracy in a rifle.


Testing and Finishing

  • Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 1.03.08 PMThe rifle is now assembled and tested for function and accuracy. I do all of my testing at 100 yards. I believe this to be an ideal distance to test for accuracy, unless a further distance is needed to stabilize the bullet. I test off of a bench with factory-­‐loaded ammunition. There are too many variables involving accuracy to discuss here, but a typical rifle I build shoots .1-­‐.5” groups with factory loaded ammunition.

  • Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 1.04.22 PM.342” at 100 yards. Not bad, even with a solid rest off of a bench, it is very difficult to shoot groups much better than this. I can do it, but not every day of the week. I am very pleased with the way this rifle shot. An official Bohman Arms Proof Target is included with every rifle I build.

  • Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.10.25 PMBefore final finishing, there is still one more important procedure that must be done. The barrels are engraved with the caliber and my name, to authenticate my work. Laserscribe, Inc. out of Indianapolis, IN does the engraving for me, I think their work speaks for itself.

  • Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.11.48 PMThe barreled action is now blasted with aluminum oxide blast media, Parkerized, and Duracoated a color of your choosing. I use a HVLP spray gun to apply the Duracoat. I then allow a minimum of 7 days for the Duracoat to cure before final assembly. Custom paint schemes are available upon request. I like two-­‐tone and tactical camouflage paint schemes.

  • Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.12.42 PMHere are a couple examples of what I call Tactical Camo. It is very effective at blending and breaking up the outline of the rifle. This is a similar technique used by Military/LE snipers.

    The rifle is now complete and ready to be shipped to a FFL holder of your choosing, after final payment has been received. I require a signed copy of the recipients FFL for my records. There may be a transfer fee depending on who does the transfer along with the background check. Thank you for taking the time to look through this presentation. I hope it has given some insight into building a custom bolt-­‐action rifle. Please feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions.

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